DISKANT was founded in 1991 in Slovakia by Ctibor Kolinsky as a label focused on classical music, although Slovak folklore can also be found in its repertoire. Since its creation DISKANT has become the number one classical label in Central Europe. We have cooperated with artists from all over the world, with our catalogue currently counting over 150 releases.


Our mission is to deliver a top quality product for both our listeners and artists. DISKANT does not engage in large-scale production but instead tries to select a limited number of projects per year, which receive all the dedication and effort needed to create a unique record. With each release we make sure all the technical, acoustic, design and quality criteria are met at the highest level possible.

Artists and composers

Whether you are a composer, starting artist or a well-established professional, DISKANT can always provide you with services tailored to your specific needs. With more than competitive prices and outstanding quality, DISKANT is a clear choice as a partner in recording and releasing your CD. If you are interested to learn more, contact us at | 069 2033 613 | © Diskant 2017
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