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Natalia Sklarenko was born in Vitebsk, Belarus, the birthplace of many outstanding artists, among them Marc Chagall.

The famous Belorussian pianist, Professor Igor Olovnikov (follower of Flier and Voskresensky) discovered her talent at her early age and personally supervised her progress at the Belarussian Academy of Music during her studies as well as postgradual studies.

After fi nishing her studies she received the degree Master of Arts and became the soloist of Minsk Regional Philharmonic Society.

The repertoire of Natalia Sklarenko includes “pearls” of piano works of all time and styles. She does not have a favourite composer. Recently a CD has been realised with title “The Seasons” by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

The audience is usually impressed by her genuine approach to the message of classical composers, as well as by her practical interpretation of the pieces of music percepted as sound of light.

Natalia’s desire is to make people accept serious music as they accept and enjoy light music. | 069 2033 613 | © Diskant 2017
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